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Calculate rates of credit – That’s how it works

How do I calculate It’s not always the Internet that is “on hand” when you want to do a little calculation on a short-term basis. But the school time is long ago. The formulas for calculating a monthly loan installment, the annual percentage rate for a car loan or a loan linked to the depreciation […]

August 17, 2019

Europe will allocate 500 million in credits for the financing of companies with social objectives

The most innovative initiative in the sector of financing for companies is the European Commission and the European Investment Fund, after agreeing an agreement that will favor micro-enterprises and companies with social purposes . According to data from Europa Press, with the new contract it is expected to allocate more than 500 million in credits […]

November 7, 2018

The president of Caja Rural del Sur is looking for credit unions the same treatment as in Europe

The president of Caja Rural del Sur, José Luis García-Palacios Álvarez, stressed this Thursday that “the scenario” that Spanish credit cooperatives long for, like the one he leads, is that the central government “and our regulator, the Bank from Spain, could consider credit cooperatives as they do in Germany, France and Holland. ” García-Palacios has […]

November 4, 2018