Europe will allocate 500 million in credits for the financing of companies with social objectives

The most innovative initiative in the sector of financing for companies is the European Commission and the European Investment Fund, after agreeing an agreement that will favor micro-enterprises and companies with social purposes . According to data from Europa Press, with the new contract it is expected to allocate more than 500 million in credits in the next five years.

For the first time, a pact focused on social enterprises

The news about loans for SMEs is a trend in the media sector, but for the first time we find an agreement aimed at stimulating the financing of companies that develop social activities.

The program will consist of the granting of loans of up to € 25,000 , which will be aimed at individuals who want to move forward with a company, or for entrepreneurs who already have their company, but need financial support to continue growing.

Other alternatives focused on financing for companies

Although it seems that things start to change, and for the better, we should not settle for the minimum and that is why it is essential to know everything that is within our reach and that will help us achieve the liquidity that our business needs. These are loans for companies granted by private companies, a new form of business financing made to measure and that will allow us to get a line of credit of up to 100,000 euros in less than 24 hours:

Lender Maximum amount Interest Advantage I’m interested
Ivoca € 50,000 3.50% monthly
  • Only interest of the amount used is paid
  • There are no study or opening commissions
  • We will know if it has been approved in 24 hours
  • Without domiciling the payroll or receipts
  • Without hiring related products
  • Early repayment without commission
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Spotcare € 100,000 From 0.5% to 4% per month
  • You only pay for what you use
  • Instant response, concession in 24 hours
  • No hidden interests
  • Free early amortization
  • Tailor-made financing thanks to the scoring service
  • After the first 3 months it can be renewed 6 more months
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What is the purpose of the new agreement?

The initiative is driven by the European Program for Employment and Social Innovation and its objective is to facilitate access to credit to people who have encountered obstacles when it comes to obtaining financing for their company, either to encourage the activity they already develop or to start the project from scratch.

According to the statements of Mariann Thyssen, the employment commissioner, it is a project aimed at promoting and promoting new jobs and improving social conditions , because the new loans will help consolidate existing companies and create new ones . On the other hand, the executive vice-director of the European Investment Fund, Marjut Santoni, affirms that the transaction will enable greater support for European micro-enterprises and stresses that the last agreement allowed financing more than 30,000 micro-enterprises and creating 47,000 jobs.

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