“The money that comes from Europe to Andalusia is lost in the hands of Susana Díaz” because it “leaves it in the drawer”

The secretary general of the PP-A, Loles Lopez, has assured this Friday that “the money that comes from Europe for Andalusia is lost in the hands of the president of the Board, Susana Díaz”, because, she has criticized, “every year leaves millions in the drawer without executing. ”

At the opening of a working conference with Spanish MEPs of the European People’s Group and regional parliamentarians of Andalusia in Malaga, along with MEP Teresa Jiménez Becerril and the mayor of the city, Francisco de la Torre, López pointed out that European funds they are “fundamental for this land, but more important is knowing how to manage them”.

“Every day that Susana Díaz has left the millions of euros in the drawer, has been a day that has increased the list of unemployment of the Andalusians,” he said, stressing that who has to manage that money “is not able to execute 100 percent of the European funds we receive. ”

Thus, has indicated that Andalusia “have come many funds from Europe”, stating that since Spain enters the European Union until 2016 the region has received 45,750 million euros, “almost a budget and a half of the Junta de Andalucía”; but he has lamented that “we have an umbrella for that rain of funds, today directed by the president of the Andalusian Government”.

At this point, Lopez has asked himself “what has been done with that money”, noting that from 2013 to 2016 Andalusia has received 9.216 million European funds “, amount of which Diaz, has said,” has left in the drawer 4.085 millions without spending, without investing, without executing. “On 2017, he has alluded to that the last report says that in November” only 35 percent of the funds had been executed, 1,300 million euros were in the drawer “.

For the general secretary of PP-A, the fact that Andalusia “has incredible potential we all know”, but also recalled that it is among the autonomous communities “with the highest rate of unemployment” and that employment is created “by inertia of Spain and by the measures of the central Government “.

Failure rate

Lopez has criticized that the community lives “a brake on its development because of PSOE”, alluding to “42 percent of the Andalusian population suffer poverty, 19 points above the European average and 13 of the national average” that the school failure rate is “twice the EU average”. “What is the PSOE doing with the millions of euros it has received from Europe”, has been questioned.

“There are two alternatives in Andalusia, which is capable of achieving the advance of this land that is called Juanma Moreno – regional president of the PP – and who has been putting the development and life guarantees of the Andalusians to a standstill for almost 40 years. Her name is Susana Díaz and PSOE, “he said.

Lopez has insisted that the PSOE “widens the gap in Andalusia”, noting that “what hurts you when you are Andalusian is living in the best land in Spain and whoever runs this land is taking away opportunities from your neighbors, to your friends and your people. ”

He referred to the Economic Cohesion Report presented in the European Union, which he described as “chilling”, because, he said, “Andalusia not only does not converge but it moves away and we are the autonomous community that has received the most funds”. Thus, he pointed out that while “some of us worried, others attacked the EU and the report,” criticizing that “when one is not able to recognize the problem, it is hardly able to put solutions.”

Although he said that the data “are cold”, he pointed out that “they mark truths as fists and behind the figures there are many families, many faces and many people wanting to have a future in our land”, considering that “there is an opportunity, Her name is Juanma Moreno, and we will not miss her for the Andalusians. ”

Thus, he has opted to make this meeting “a common block in defense of Andalusia”, insisting that the PSOE “has had many years and a lot of money to bring this land afloat and has wasted it for a simple matter, because it does not runs what runs to the Andalusians through the veins. ”

In addition, he pointed out that with these days “we want to learn about everything that is happening in Europe that affects our territory and that you are imbued with the reality that is Andalusia and above all that you discover the potential it has to exploit and explore”.


Meanwhile, MEP Teresa Jiménez Becerril stressed that Andalusia has received from the EU “huge amounts of money in all types of funds for its development and has squandered the opportunity to take off as deserved the most populated region of Europe.”

He has asked why the company “has such a hard time settling in Andalusia, it will be due to a lack of confidence in an outdated socialist government that has been going on for almost four decades”, why “the European Commission warns us that the convergence process is stagnating to the huge invested cohesion funds “and why” we have not reached the level of convergence in terms of education, the business environment, social protection systems and the labor market “.

Finally, the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, has assured that the Board “does not work properly in terms of the proper use of resources” and has urged to reflect on the decentralization of European funds, considering “good” that from the local level “we could manage a part of those funds without having to go through the interruption of the autonomic channel”.

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